Getting a Taxi From Pearson Airport

When you travel to Toronto Pearson Airport, getting a taxi or limo service should be one of your top priorities. It will save you from the long lineups at the airport and give you peace of mind knowing that your chauffeur will be waiting for you. Pre-booking a flat rate taxi or limo from Toronto Airport also gives you flexibility in case your flight gets delayed.

The airport is located about 27 kilometers northwest of downtown Toronto, and the taxi fare to city center typically costs EUR40 ($60 CAD). A Toronto cab driver’s exact price will vary depending on the zone in which you are travelling to.

From Gate to Curb: Your Guide to Taxi from Pearson Airport

If you are traveling in a large group, it’s best to book a limousine or taxi from Pearson Airport. This way you can avoid the hassle of splitting your luggage in multiple taxis and will not be subject to a shared ride fee. In addition, most limos and taxis are licensed to carry up to 4 people.

Taxi fares are usually dependent on the distance to your destination and traffic conditions. However, many taxis from pearson airport provide set rates to Downtown Toronto.

Taxi drivers in Canada are generally independent contractors who rent or lease their vehicles and must pay a franchise fee to the taxi company. In order to get a license, they must pass a background check and submit a medical certificate. They must also undergo training on safety procedures and must wear an armband with their taxi number.