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Korean cosmetics blog

A growing number of beauty consumers are turning to Blog koreanische Kosmetik to learn more about the latest trends in skincare. Korean beauty products are known for using natural components like green tea, ginseng, and snail mucin, making them suitable for all skin types. They also emphasize preventative care rather than hiding skin problems with makeup. These factors have contributed to the rising popularity of K-Beauty amongst beauty consumers.

If you’re interested in learning more about K-beauty, here are some of the best blogs to follow. Whether you’re looking for comparison reviews, ingredient translations, NYC K-beauty scene reporting, bullsh*t detection, troubled skin war stories, haul enabling or just some thought-provoking insights and candor, these bloggers are worth a follow.

The Secret Ingredient: How Snail Mucin Transforms Korean Beauty Products

Pony has a huge YouTube following and is one of the most popular Korean beauty influencers. Her videos are always informative and will teach you the latest trends in makeup and skincare. Moreover, she recreates celebrity looks and teaches viewers how to get their own K-pop glam.

Another popular beauty blogger is Ryanraroar who is based in Singapore. He’s well-informed in all things K-beauty and isn’t afraid to share his honest opinions. His reviews are very informative and will definitely help you make better decisions when buying products.

Another great beauty influencer is lamuqe who has a huge YouTube following and a vlog channel. She shares her daily routine and beauty secrets with her viewers. Her tutorials are very educational and will teach you all about the latest trends in makeup and how to get the perfect contour, lifting, and shading techniques. She also has a series called “lamuqe plastic surgery” where she gives her followers makeovers.