PPL Electric Rates Are Going Up

ppl electric rates

pp&l electric rates rates are going up for thousands of customers. The utility company is raising their default electricity supply rate 38% – the highest increase in a year. The price hike is due to higher wholesale energy prices and higher cold weather energy usage. But for many of those same people there are alternative suppliers who can offer a lower cost per kwh. A comparison website provides consumers with the opportunity to find these alternatives and compare their electricity supplier rates in one place. Then it is as easy as selecting the plan you want and filling out a few simple forms to get the new plan in effect.

Typically, competitive energy supplies can offer rates that are lower than the utility’s “price to compare” rate. The price to compare is the default supply rate that the utility company sets after conducting an auction for energy from generators.

Decoding PP&L Electric Rates: How to Understand and Manage Your Energy Costs

The distribution/delivery charge on your bill is the fee that pays for the poles, wires, pipelines and other infrastructure that brings power to your home or business. The utility companies set these charges quarterly or semi-annually. They also adjust these rates as wholesale energy prices change.

The best way to determine what you should pay for your energy is by shopping for a competitive supplier that offers the lowest price per kwh in your area. It is important to make a decision based on the details of the plans offered and the length of your contract. You should never sign a contract without thoroughly reading it.